Wedding Photography

Just about anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture.  The art is in capturing the love shared between two people.  Wedding photography is not just the posed pictures your mom or grandparents want.  It has evolved into finding creative ways to capture the moments.

Loving glances at each other, the head thrown back laughing, the tears rolling down the face as the vows are exchanged.   Being able to capture those intimate, heartfelt moments in time, that is why we do what we do.

We are silly, goofy, young at heart and love seeing two people in love and being a part of the magic of the day no matter what it takes.  You will often find us laying flat on the ground, climbing on a chair or practically climbing in a window to get the perfect shot. (Don’t worry…we are insured.)

Rest assured, we are here for you, from initial consultation to final delivery of your memories and beyond.  When the “I do’s” are said and the marriage begins, we want to be your photographer for years to come too.